End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization Solutions


Transportation | Warehouse Optimization enhances your current technology investments.  We provide specialized "bolt-on" solutions to drive transportation and distribution savings.  Your IT team will approve the ease of integration with your current management systems.


An end-to-end supply chain solution.  AutoO2 takes PO, DRP, VMI and customer requirements and builds them into orders that fill 98-99.7% of a truck's real capacity.
AutoO2 takes things a step further than your existing systems -- it also guides the picking and loading process -- reducing transportation costs between 4 and 8%!
Coordinated picking and loading.
Turns thinking time into productive time to increase warehouse labor productivity 15-20%!
Eliminates wasted activities such as: Rehandling, waiting, campus travel and increased on-time shipping.
Provides savings by increasing shipping directly from plant to customers, loading directly from production line and cross-docking opportunities.
Determines best ship point after considering: Availability, cost, need date, product obsolescence and facility shipping capacity.
Lowers supply chain costs 2-5%!
AutoCDO helps companies with unique situations where a typical "Truck Load Builder" can't handle the constraints you face.
Reduces transportation costs 5-10% in environments with tight spaces -- limited staging space, shipping straight off the production line, shipping directly from a blast freezer, etc.