AutoScheduler -- Warehouse and Dock Scheduling Software




Finite Capacity Distribution Scheduling

AutoScheduler cuts the cost of operations in a plant, distribution center or a campus of warehouses.  AutoScheduler does this by synchronized lean-scheduling all warehouse operations within constraints, such as manpower, thereby eliminating waste at all levels of the operation.


Eliminating the Sources of Waste

Waste How AutoScheduler eliminates waste
Moving product among buildings
  • Determine the best place to put inventory when it is received
  • Analyzing each order to establish the best ship-from point
Moving product inside a building
  • Maximize direct shipment - from palletizer to truck
  • Create opportunities to cross-docks
Short shipping
  • Reposition product to maximize fill rates
  • Inbound material just-in-time
Periods of high activity followed by lulls        
  • Schedule work to match manning
  • Smooth out peaks - for example by loading drop trailers early
  • Reschedule when new data becomes available
  • Eliminate over-time
  • Provide exception reporting for proactive elimination of issues



Warehouse Activity Planning Solution


Keeping it simple vs. Synchronize - which is better?

Eliminating complexity by using simplifications such as "ship everything to an outside warehouse" can be quite expensive.  One of our clients learned this the hard way.  Instead of maintaining shipments from the plant site, they moved every box 26 miles down the road for storage and later shipping.  Analysis showed that 30% could have shipped plant-direct saving $900,000 per annum.

Dan Gilmore wrote an article talking about the value and importance of synchronization.  You can see his article by following this link:  Supply Chain Digest   While Dan does not know about the wonders of AutoScheduler, the concept on which AutoScheduler is based is synchronization. AutoScheduler recognizes that:

  • The shipment can't go until the cases are picked
  • Picking can't take place if the product hasn't come in form the other warehouse
  • The Product can't be received unless there is a dock door free
  • The shipment can't be made unless there is an order
  • Etc., etc.


AutoScheduler - PC or Server-based scheduling tool


AutoScheduler is a smart planning system that plans all the activities and inventory in one or multiple warehouses.  It gathers data from:

  • Production schedules
  • Order management systems
  • Warehouse management
  • Operational constraints


The system makes decisions such as:

  • What shipments need to be unloaded first // loaded first
  • Where to put product when it comes off the line
  • What shipments can be loaded early to voids in the schedule - without hurting other shipments
  • How to optimally use product before it becomes over-age


Developed in conjunction with Procter & Gamble, it is operating in more than twenty North American and European distribution and manufacturing sites.  AutoScheduler is a WMS add-on that uses an expert planning engine to schedule constrained resources, such as dock doors, while “optimally” deploying inventory to meet customers’ needs.