AutoLoaderT3 - Truck Loading Guidance



AutoLoaderT3  takes shipment data and creates a detailed loading plan that tells a forklift driver where to place each pallet to make a legal, damage-free load.  This speeds up the loading process, reduces product cuts and virtually eliminates reloads.


Truck Loading Solution


AutoLoaderT3, an innovative truck loading software system originally developed for Procter & Gamble, uses an expert rule-driven planning engine to help companies of any size and industry to load trailers with greater efficiency.  A sophisticated multi-threaded server based optimization program, it can be called from most order management or warehouse management systems.  While P&G was already recognized as possessing some of the best warehousing and distribution operations, AutoLoaderT3 has helped them make the next improvement leap in the areas of dock and warehouse productivity, while supporting faster training and enhanced customer service.

AutoLoaderT3 key benefits include:

  • Maximizing cube/weight utilization in the trailer
  • AutoLoaderT3 enables additional weight and cube to be carried - significantly reducing total costs
  • Enabling less skilled staff to be proficient truck loaders thus minimizing product damage
  • Meeting customer-specific requirements.  For example, ensuring a load is configured so it can be unloaded at a narrow or low dock door
  • 3D and 2D loading diagrams that are unique for every load (below)



Often loaders have different ideas about what constitutes a good load.  To get everybody on the same page, it is often useful to create a document outlining loading principles.  Click below to view of some of the things to consider when loading trucks

Truck Loading Guide

AutoLoaderT3 -- Truck Loading System