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Great in theory - stupid in practice

Sequencing activities in a warehouse based on when it is going out the door makes a lot of sense…in theory.  In practice...

Carrier shocks

Diesel fuel costs will spike when ships owners comply with...

Disaster in Midwest - Did you know?

Flooding has wiped out bridges, roads, and railroads…Did you know...

Four for four

There have been 4 major ship fires in 4 months.  While this is exceptional...

Brakes on US oil production means higher prices

Oil producers are finding that their strategy to supercharge oil and gas production by drilling thousands of...

Grit...not Genius

"Modern wars are won by grinding, not by genius” – Cathal J Nolan

Hard to get your share

Mega container ships keep getting bigger – adding capacity to lanes.

Herding warehouse cats

In many consumer product warehouses, the process of getting volume to flow is...

Friends with benefits

Why can’t manufacturers and retailers just be friends – and get the benefits!